4 year BBS

Bachelor of Business studies is the four year degree program conducted by Tribhuvan University, faculty of Management. Sukuna Multiple campus got affiliation to run this annual exam-based program in 2060 BS. The main objective of BBS is to develop students into dynamic managers having ability to handle responsibility in every sector. The course was designed by considering the fact that graduates will have to live in very challenging and competitive environment then onwards. Therefore, through this course the students will have an opportunity to understand the knowledge of practical and reality-based skills required to organize and manage the organizations of any form. The program will have specialization in General Management, Marketing Management, Finance Accountancy, and Management Science

Courses offered

First Year

MGT 201 Business English

MGT 202 Business Statistics

MGT 203 Microeconomics

MGT 211 Accounting for Financial Analysis

MGT 213 Principles of Management

Second Year

MGT 295 Business Communication

MGT 204 Macroeconomics

MGT 212 Cost and Management Accounting

MGT 214 Fundamentals of Marketing

MGT 216 Foundations of Human Resource Management

Third Year

MGT 204 Business Law

MGT 215 Fundamentals of Financial Management

MGT 217 Business Environment and Strategy

MGT 218 Taxation and Auditing

MGT 219 Organizational Behavior

Fourth Year

MGT 220 Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development

MGT 221 Business Research Methods

MGT 401 Final Project

Concentration Area I- (Accounting) 1- ACC 251 Accounting for Business

Concentration Area I- (Accounting) 2- ACC 253 Advance Auditing

Concentration Area I- (Accounting) 3- ACC 254 Budgeting and controlling of Profit

Concentration Area II- (Finance) 1- FIN 250 Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

Concentration Area II- (Finance) 2- FIN 252 Foundations of Financial Institutions and Markets

Concentration Area II- (Finance) 3- FIN 253 Fundamentals of Investment

Concentration Area II- (Finance) 4- FIN 254 Insurance and Risk Management

Concentration Area III- (Marketing) 1- MKT 250 Fundamentals of Selling

Concentration Area III- (Marketing) 2- MKT 252 Foreign Trade and Export Management in Nepal

Concentration Area III- (Marketing) 3- MKT 253 Fundamentals of Advertising

Concentration Area IV- (Management) 1- MGT 250 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Concentration Area IV- (Management) 2- MGT 251 International Business

Concentration Area IV- (Management) 3- MGT 252 Management of Industrial Relations

Concentration Area IV- (Management) 4- MGT 253 Productivity Management

Concentration Area IV- (Management) 5- MGT 253 Quality Management



  • The candidate applying for admission to the BBS programme must have successfully completed the plus two (10+2) in business/ commerce or an equivalent course from a National Examination Board (NEB) or from Tribhuvan University (TU) or from other University or Board recognized by T.U.
  • Students from other faculty like Science and Arts, in order to join BBS must have studied mathematics or economics as a full paper at the intermediate level (10+2) program.
  • Student must have studied full paper of English at the plus two level or equivalent program.
  • As prescribed by the Faculty Board or campus concerned, student must have secured the minimum marks at their intermediate level. Generally, there are no such tough criteria for getting enrolled in BBS program especially in Government Colleges.
  • Candidates have to pass entrance test conducted by the campus to get admission in this program

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